Maddie Binford-Wiggins

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Maddie Binford-Wiggins

Born in Los Angeles, Maddie is practically a native of Austin, having moved here with her family when she was five. She loves her Austin roots and has spent much of her lifetime exploring the city and all that it has to offer.  Maddie’s adventurous spirit is at the heart of her many pursuits. As a competitive equestrian, she has the dedication and perseverance it takes to excel. It has instilled in Maddie the importance of cultivating trusted relationships. These are skills that translate into always meeting her real estate client’s needs. Having grown up in a family of home builders, Maddie has seen up-close and personal the passion in the process – from construction to a client closing. As a real estate agent, she is able to bring her experiences and passions together in helping others realize their dreams. In her free time, you will find Maddie with her beloved Jack, in one of the many dog-friendly spots in Austin. 


Check her out on Instagram @maddie_b.w

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Office Phone 512-202-8008