14 Appallingly Terrible Real Estate Photos

Posted by Brad Pauly on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 11:02am.

Selling a house is pretty normal business: you take photos of every room, set a price, and you're set. However, you often find a gem among the many beautiful scenery photos. Gems that make you question "Why are you trying to sell that house with that photo?" as you browse the multiple photos showing off the beautiful landscape.

Terrible real estate photos, funny MLS photos, or whatever you want to call them, they're impressive works of art that defy explanation. From a random person in the frame to a pet casually walking by the camera, they've delighted and appalled real estate agents for years. Here are some of our favorite funny real estate photos from across the web:

Congratulations to Mrs. Pink Teddy Bear and Mr. Panda on their new home

worst mls photos teddy bear and panda on bed

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

But first let me take a selfie

worst mls photo woman taking photo in mirror

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

A house so coordinated even the dog matches the furniture

worst mls photo dog matching house decorations

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

"That's the good corner of the house. I keep all my stuff there"

worst mls photo man pointing to corner of house

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

Are the raccoons part of the home?

worst mls photos raccoons in a tree outside home

Image Credit: Redfin

A house so cool it has its own golf cart drag races

worst mls photos golf carts outside home

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

"This house comes equipped with beautiful windows, surround sound, and seats a family of 5"

worst mls photos truck outside home

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

"A beautiful and lush front garden includes a single tree"

worst mls photos single tree in the middle of yard

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

Nothing says "Buy my house!" like yellow caution tape

worst mls photos door with caution tape on frame

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

Oh dear, oh deer

worst mls photos room full of deer busts

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

You could say, this room really shines

worst mls photos room filled with sparkles

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

"Here's the 2nd floor, it has 2 rooms, a bathroom, and one sweet puzzle corner"

worst mls photos puzzle table in frame of photo

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

"If you can't see the camera they can't see you"

worst mls photos two women in frame looking away

Image Credit: FunnyMLSPhotos

While our homes might not have the colorful additions as the ones above, they do have amazing views of the beautiful Austin landscape in convenient locations. Check out our listings and find your new home!

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