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Austin is gearing up for the 2015 Austin City Limits Music Festival starting on October 2nd this year. If you've been fortunate enough to call Austin your home previous to this year, then you're very familiar with this local phenomenon. The festival brings popular and award-winning artists together with lesser-known and local music acts for two weekends filled with Austin food, drinks, and non-stop music. The festival brings over 75,000 people per day to Austin from all over the world and boasts one of the most musically diverse lineups among popular music festivals.

Newcomers looking to experience the festival for the first time can brush up on their ACL knowledge just in time for the festivities to begin. All of you…

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Among the weird and wild eateries and bars that are sure to please the most particular palate is a sprinkling of shops that cater to the spirit of all those who call Austin home. The colorful and strange environments are a form of entertainment in and of themselves, and the contents of each store are so wonderfully unique that you would be hard-pressed to find them anywhere else. Have a look at some of Austin's favorite shopping spots for finding that rare treasure you've been daydreaming about.

Boots From Allen Boots

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Allen’s Boots

South Congress has a great amalgam of stores, boutiques, and thrift stores. Allen's Boots has the biggest selection of boots you'll ever see. With boots wall to wall, you are sure to find the perfect pair…

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Secret menus are more than just a trendy way to show your friends that you are a true local. They often give you access to combinations of a restaurant's food that you can't normally put together. In some cases, they can even open up a world of foods that you didn't know your favorite restaurant serves.

Austin is a food paradise. Its residents are proud of the food diversity that makes the city thrive. It's no surprise that there's such a huge variety of multi-cultural cooking to be enjoyed everywhere from Austin's sleepiest neighborhoods to its busiest streets. Among these one-of-a-kind eateries there are countless secret menus, but we'd like to reveal some of the secrets of Austin's more popular and tasty places.

The Secret Menus You Should…

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Austin is a town that wears many hats. Austin is the best food town. Austin is the live music capital of the world. Austin is one of America's fastest growing cities. Austin is this and that. One of the things that Austin truly, truly excels at is excellent alcohol. While other cities may have small distilleries, speakeasies, and the like, we have institutions dedicated to the drink.

South Congress is no different. There are killer bars that you must frequent. If you find yourself on South Congress, then you have to stop into these dives and take a sip of the best thing they've got. If you don't, you're depriving yourself of some of the most delicious ales this side of the…

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Buying a new house is an exciting and fulfilling process, but it can become stressful if you aren’t prepared to handle all of the moving parts involved. One of the biggest areas of concern, especially for first time home buyers, is taking out a home loan or mortgage to finance your new house. Mortgage loan officers can walk you through the process, and our realtors can give you their advice, but nothing beats you learning the loan process and fully understanding mortgages yourself.

We thought we would share this handy infographic we found that illustrates the home loan process in the most basic way. It includes some interesting statistics, as well as some useful tips for you to read as you start your journey towards buying a home.

Some of the…

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