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Even though we live in Texas, we do still (sort of) have a winter. With the temperature cooling off, a lot of Austinites are looking for fun winter activities for when the weather outside is frightful. Luckily there is a lot to do! Here's some of our favorite hot spots to hang out when it gets cold in Austin:

Grab a Bowl of Soup to Warm Up

Austin has plenty of places to grab a hot bowl of soup to warm you up. There's Ramen Tatsu-Ya, which offers Japanese soul food in the form of ramen. The No. 1 Tonkotsu Original comes with creamy pork broth, noodles on the side, pork belly, and an ajitama (a marinated boiled egg). It's definitely worth trying.

There's also Gourmands Neighborhood Pub, where you can order…

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