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Since first time home buyers tend to be buying a house with less startup capital than others, the government and lenders have to offer incentives to keep the housing market alive. First time buyers can enjoy tax incentives, down payment assistance, and grants that make monthly payments less of a burden.


Tax Incentives

The bad news: The First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit is no longer valid as of 2010. The good news: There are still plenty of tax incentives for first time buyers that will help offset the cost of buying a home.

Property Tax Deduction

This is a deduction to the amount of your taxable income that varies based on how valuable your house is. You can deduct the amount of property tax you pay to the state or local area…

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Pioneers began settling around the Colorado River way back in the 1830s. Since then, Austin, Texas has grown with incredible momentum. It took only until 1839 for the city to become the Capital of Texas. From its inception to today, Austin has housed some important history-makers. Their legacies are preserved not only by the impact they made but also by their houses. Most of these locations are now under the protection of the National Register of Historic Places, which enforces regulations that safeguard historic structures. Austin is so rich in history that entire districts of historic houses exist within the city. There are also houses rich with stories, some of which you can even buy. If you're…

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Prepare for open houses and real estate listings by making fixes to your home before it becomes visible. You can get ahead on items that will come up during your home's inspection. Make sure it looks good from the curb and revive old decorations and appliances. You can also try home staging to help raise the value of your home last-minute.


Repair Inspection Items

Fixing items that are on a home inspector's checklist before your inspection will save you the headache of making those fixes all at once. If you make repairs post-inspection, you'll end up paying more money for rushed work at a lower quality.

  • Leaky Faucets and Plumbing
    An empty toilet and a dripping faucet are signals to people looking to buy a house that their everyday…
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Building equity in your home is one of the smartest investments you can make. If you put time and money into your home, you'll enjoy significant returns on your investment. As a homeowner, you can improve your net worth, customize your living space, and save money.


Raise Your Net Worth

The median net worth among American homeowners is about $77,000. 75% of that net worth is the equity that owners have accrued. With that equity at nearly $50,000, the average homeowner could cash out on his or her home's equity and make major purchases.

What is net worth?

Your net worth is a dollar value assigned to the total of your assets minus debts. Anything you own, from appliances to cars, counts toward your net worth.

  • Automobiles
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