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When Pauly Presley Realty opened in Austin in 2005, we were anticipating a lot of growth in East Austin, and in the near-decade we’ve been in business, that’s exactly what we’ve seen happen.

East Austin is a really hot area of the city to move to right now, and I think a lot of that is due to its proximity to downtown, the thriving arts scene, and all the amazing local businesses that give the neighborhood a unique personality.There’s been a huge influx of people moving east--it’s actually the fastest growing region of the city right now. And when you look at this neighborhood, it’s not hard to see why.

East Austin stands out among other Austin neighborhoods because it has an eclectic, artsy atmosphere but also a rich culture and history. It’s a…

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As a real estate agent here in Austin, I've lived within the city for six years and have been helping home owners and tenants find housing that meets their needs. Everyone knows Austin's real estate market is hot, but what people don’t understand is the sense of urgency that is required to put your best offer on the table. Over the last few years, Austin has averaged over 100 new residents a day which has created a limited supply in the housing market. Occupancy rates have been as high as 98% in certain parts of the city which has caused the landlords to increase their rent drastically and even tighten their lease polices.

Because of the heavy influx of new Austinites, we are all feeling the effects from traffic, to renting a house, buying a home, or…

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happy couple moving in to their new home

Great news for young people looking to purchase their first house: Austin, Texas was just listed in the top 10 best U.S. cities for millennial homebuyers!

The list, released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), rated cities based on current employment data, median home prices, affordability, and home price growth. The NAR also calculated the percentage of millennials already living in the metropolitan area and their share of all age groups moving there. Austin’s awesome job market (growth is currently at 4.2%), thriving music/arts scene, and abundance of new construction made it a top destination for younger generations.

In fact, about 110 new people move to the Austin area each day, and a good number of these individuals are younger than…

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