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If you were a homebuyer, how would you feel about this house?

In my personal opinion, this house is a perfect example of curb appeal. The lawn is neatly kept and empty of clutter, and the house itself is in pristine condition. The front of the home is the first thing that potential buyers will see so why not make it look good? If you've spent any time searching for a house to buy, you have no doubt encountered a house that you immediately discount, without having seen the inside. This demonstrates just how important curb appeal can be.

I am not saying that sellers need to spend a lot of money on lush landscaping, but at least mow and clean up the lawn, take the kids’ toys inside, move the plastic pool and at the very least, park the quad in the…

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writting on a clipboardEveryone has heard a story about how a deal fell apart because of a low appraisal. Whether you are selling your home or refinancing, you are going to have to face that moment of truth when the appraiser tells you what the bank thinks your home is worth.

Fortunately for us here in Austin our market is smoking hot and lots of homes are trading at good prices, but even this can sometimes be a problem when the prices are going up faster than the comps are collecting. And sometimes you get bidding wars and end up with a sales price that outstrips the loan capacity.

That’s why you need to be ready for the appraiser when the time comes. In the end, the appraiser is going to make a decision on what your home is worth based on what it has, how it looks and how…

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Businessman Using LaptopIf you have been thinking about buying your own home here in Austin then you are on the right track, but what is your plan to get it done?

Austin was once again named the Fastest Growing City in America by Forbes, and for good reason.

People are pouring into our fair city and the competition is still ramping up, rental rates are going through the roof with occupancy rates pushing the upper 90 percentile and it seems that they just can’t build new apartments fast enough.

This has people looking for the sanctity of the 30 year fixed rate mortgage, which fortunately for you buyers are still funding at rates so low financing costs are almost negligible.

The bad news is that as we head into the Spring and Summer selling seasons there is going to be a lot of…

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Color is a way to express yourself and a way to make a space your own.  So when listing a property for sale, what should we do with our perfectly selected shade of red?  Should it stay or should it go?  Here’s some quick guidelines on how to address color when listing a property. When readying a property for resale, I always recommend that the sellers remove as much of their personal property from view as possible.  This includes minimizing furniture, removing art from walls, storing personal items, and keeping all counters clear.   The fact is, potential buyers aren’t interested in seeing your stuff, they want to see your property.  So with that in mind, ask yourself, “Does the color I selected accent the furniture, or the architecture?”  If you picked a…

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downtown austin at night

Have you ever wondered what part of Austin you would enjoy living in the most? The task of finding an answer can be daunting for sure. One of Austin's most appealing features is that it offers something to do for any personality type you can imagine. Luckily every neighborhood in Austin has pretty unique characteristics, so finding the right spot for you is super easy! Below is a quick breakdown of some of the most popular neighborhoods.

South Congress - one of the most unique and walkable areas of Austin

  • Local restaurants and food trailers galore
  • Artsy boutiques, live music clubs, bars, and the famous Lucy in Disguise costume shop
  • Monthly events like First Thursday add to the fun, unique energy of the area

Hyde Park - historic…

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