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austin-moving-tips So you've bought a new home, and you're beginning the process of relocating your belongings and furniture. What might be largest headache along the way is actually moving all those things! Here are some tips from the moving pros that will help transferring into your new Austin home as easy as possible.

Wrap Breakables in Clothing, Towels, or Blankets

While in many cases it makes the most sense to pack your items and separate them by where in the house they will go, you can save a whole lot of time and money by packing your soft bedroom items (clothes, blankets, towels) with your breakable kitchenware. This method will protect your plates and kitchen ware from breaking, and save you from having to wrap everything up in bubble wrap or newspaper.

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orange piggy bank and calculatorIf you're a young and upstart couple with the world in front of you, you have a different set of priorities than other people. You're probably just looking to get student loans paid off, get things paid for, and not make any outrageous expenses where applicable. Therefore, a lot of things start going off the wayside. One of those elements that may slip to the wayside is real estate. It shouldn't be a surprise that an Austin realty company would be talking about this, but we do genuinely care. As young people, why should you care about an investment in Austin real estate?

If you read our article a couple weeks back, we talked about the worst real estate advice we'd ever heard: don't invest. This article directly applies to what we're talking about today.…

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couple moving boxesMost of us know that moving into a new home can be extremely stressful. As some of the most trusted real estate agents in Austin, we know this better than most, and we want you to be fully prepared to move into your new home with ease. Here are four tips that should make your life a little easier, and get you started on the right track for making your move worry-free.

1. Use Saran Wrap and Stretch Wrap, They Can Be Life Savers!
It is astounding the possibilities that saran wrap holds to make moving that much easier. Use it to secure the tops of your drawers so none of your silverware or clothing gets tossed around in the move. You can also use the bigger rolls of to wrap the handles of your garden and kitchen tools together (like shovels, brooms, mops)…

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cup of coffee with heart shaped creamMornings can be a tall order, especially when dealing with Austin mornings. The headache-inducing mix of traffic, weather, and the weekday grind means that you deserve something amazing to keep your energy going. That's why we've cherry picked some of the greatest Austin coffee places to help you in your quest to stay awake.

The Steeping Room is a tea shop that some would describe as “Instagram worthy,” since you HAVE to share photos of your delicious teas. While the tea is obviously delicious, the food is art. Each meal, from a muffin to an entire Sunday brunch, is prepared with a degree of artistry that is almost unparalleled. Also, did I mention they have pretty darn good tea?

Quack's 43rd Street Bakery is a little bit of an institution. Originally…

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Gingerbread_House_Essex_CTAs 2015 begins, it's important to get all of your affairs in order. Starting with a clean slate is important, but cleaning your slate is a tall order. One of the most important items to get together is your Austin real estate portfolio. What to look at, what to avoid, what to simply ignore. With a tremendous amount of opinions being thrown at you from realtors, family, and friends, it is very easy to get overwhelmed.

At Pauly Presley Realty, we've heard a lot of advice. We've also given a lot of advice to potential homebuyers and investors in the greater Austin area. Real estate is often the most important investment that a family will make. You don't want to make any mistakes or else drastic consequences can happen. But there is one thing that we very…

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