3 Benefits to Renting Apartments & Homes Near Downtown Austin

Posted by Brad Pauly on Friday, February 12th, 2021 at 6:01pm.

As residents of Austin, TX, we know that the city has its quirks and nuances in different areas, making it a beautiful patchwork of different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood brings a special set of benefits to its residents and depending on your lifestyle needs, you might prefer one neighborhood over another. That being the case, we know that deciding on the neighborhood you want to live in can be a daunting task, specifically if you are an out-of-towner who’s not very familiar with the nuances of a city. This is why our Austin real estate agents and apartment locators help residents make informed decisions on where to rent a home or apartment.  

In the spirit of informing our fellow Austinite, we want to address a popular question that we get a lot: should I live downtown or not? Now, given Austin’s reputation around the country as a culturally vibrant, urban island with its own identity, we know that living downtown can be attractive for many. Still, we can only advise you if we have a complete understanding of your needs. In the meantime, we can tell you all about some of the best things about living in Downtown Austin, TX.

Easier Access to Austin’s Entertainment Hub 

There’s no doubt that Austin is revered as a cultural hub for creatives and artists. From our boundless live music scene and rising theatre/film industry to our bubbling stand-up comedy community, Austin has any kind of entertainment you could think of. Between our annual festivals and weekly gigs, fun, exciting events are happening in Austin almost every day. Not only do many of these events happen in the Downtown area, but the venues that host them are often a short walk or Uber ride away from the majority of Downtown Austin rental homes and apartments. The centralized nature of downtown in relation to the rest of the city’s neighborhoods can make it an effective headquarters for a lot of the fun performances and showings that Austin takes pride in putting on.

Minimize Issues with Cross-Town Traffic

One element of Austin metro that sets it apart from some other major cities is our cross-town traffic. During peak driving times of the day, such as morning and evening commute times, or even when major events such as UT football games happen, highways like I-35 and Mopac can get bogged down with cars. This traffic can create extended travel times between North Austin and South Austin, or even vice versa. Individuals who rent homes or apartments closer to downtown don’t have to worry about these traffic hold-ups as much as commuters traveling to satellite cities like Round Rock or Cedar Park. Not to mention, Austin’s public transportation provider, CapMetro, supplies more and more local bus routes, Rapid buses, and rail coverage the closer one gets into the city. This doesn’t mean that there are no bus stops or rail stations further outside the city’s core. It just means that they’re more spread out than they are in Downtown and East Austin, where a public transportation stop can be found on virtually every other city block. Depending on where and when you work, living downtown can make intracity travel more convenient than living anywhere else in Austin, and that’s a major perk for those that value their time.

Get in Touch with the Essence of Austin, TX

Another reason to live closer to the center of Austin is rather simple, to get a feel for the special nature of being an Austinite. Austin is very different from any other city, including some of the cities that surround the Austin metropolitan area. Austin is a buzzing hub for technology, Fortune 500 businesses, and it has a culture of its own. Whether it be the prominence of breakfast tacos, the proliferation of bikes and electric scooters, the widespread UT Longhorn fandom, or the lively singles culture revolving around brunches and happy hours, Austin is a unique city that’s worth experiencing in full. No matter what your lifestyle is, the fun that Austin offers is unlike any other. Renting your next home or apartment close to downtown can make this fun that much more accessible to you. Contact our rental experts for more information about where to live in Austin and how to secure your next home or apartment rental.

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