4 Moving Tips for New Austin Home Owners

Posted by Brad Pauly on Friday, January 9th, 2015 at 10:38pm.

couple moving boxesMost of us know that moving into a new home can be extremely stressful. As some of the most trusted real estate agents in Austin, we know this better than most, and we want you to be fully prepared to move into your new home with ease. Here are four tips that should make your life a little easier, and get you started on the right track for making your move worry-free.

1. Use Saran Wrap and Stretch Wrap, They Can Be Life Savers!
It is astounding the possibilities that saran wrap holds to make moving that much easier. Use it to secure the tops of your drawers so none of your silverware or clothing gets tossed around in the move. You can also use the bigger rolls of to wrap the handles of your garden and kitchen tools together (like shovels, brooms, mops) for easy transportation. You can even use it to wrap and secure blankets around your furniture, or to put in between the lids of some of your liquids to make sure they do not spill.

2. Pack a “First Day Move-In” Box
To make sure you are all prepared for the first day moving into your new home in Austin, pack a “First Day Move-In” box. This should include items like box cutters, Lysol wipes, hand soap, dish soap, paper towels, trash bags, plastic silverware, paper plates, paper cups, nails, a hammer, and toilet paper. Place this box in the front of your car so you do not confuse it from your other boxes. This should make it much easier to begin moving into your new home without the need to go to the grocery store and purchase things you cannot find.

3. Rent a Storage Unit Prior To Your Move
Many times moving allows us to see all of the belongings that we want to keep but do not want to store in our house anymore. This is when it is time to invest in a trusted storage facility. Find one with great reviews, a location close to your new home, and killer deals for new customers. Extra Space Storage currently has offers for new customers where the first month is free, and you get 20% off a moving truck rental!

4. Changing your Address
Change your address at least two weeks before the move. Some things might seem obvious to change, like the address for your utilities and power, but others can be easily forgotten. Remember to change the address to your bank account, Amazon, your credit cards, and any magazine subscriptions you may have.

Start preparing for your move with these tips, and you should be on track for a smooth transition into your beautiful new home in Austin!

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