5 Moving Tips From The Pros

Posted by Brad Pauly on Friday, January 30th, 2015 at 4:45pm.

austin-moving-tips So you've bought a new home, and you're beginning the process of relocating your belongings and furniture. What might be largest headache along the way is actually moving all those things! Here are some tips from the moving pros that will help transferring into your new Austin home as easy as possible.

Wrap Breakables in Clothing, Towels, or Blankets

While in many cases it makes the most sense to pack your items and separate them by where in the house they will go, you can save a whole lot of time and money by packing your soft bedroom items (clothes, blankets, towels) with your breakable kitchenware. This method will protect your plates and kitchen ware from breaking, and save you from having to wrap everything up in bubble wrap or newspaper.

Take Pictures Before You Go

Take pictures of the back sides of electronics, computers, tvs, and speaker systems so you can reference the images to quickly reassemble your setup at the new house! Moving, combined with new home or apartment expenses can be stressful, so the last thing you need is additional headaches as you get your new place set up.

Hire a Cleaning Company For The Old House and The New One

Trust us, it is rarely worth your time or money to try cleaning while you move out. You will probably end up spending more money on cleaning supplies and new mops / brooms, when you could just pay a local cleaning company to quickly do the job for you. Trust the professionals to do a good job cleaning and you might even see better returns on your security deposit. Pro tip: have the same company clean your new house before you move in — you cant always trust that the previous tenants will have done a good job cleaning.

Protect Your Mattress

Use those extra fitted sheets you have to put onto both sides of the mattress to protect it during transportation. This will keep dirt, gravel, and bugs off and protect the mattress from rips or tears during the moving process. Then, when you get to the new house, simply wash the sheets and replace them. This simple trick can save you from worrying about an expensive mattress during the move.

Set Up A Color Code System For Quick Reference

Staying organized during a move can be a big challenge without proper labeling of boxes. An easy way to save time and to avoid frustration is to color code your boxes with stickers or colored labels. This makes it easy to keep alike boxes together in the moving vehicle and it makes unpacking much more efficient!

We hope you have a happy and successful move! These pro tips were brought to you by the Austin movers at Armstrong Transportation Services. And from all of us, welcome to your new home!

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