Cool Places at Austin's Barton Creek

Posted by Brad Pauly on Friday, October 16th, 2015 at 3:25pm.

Barton Creek is a familiar memory for Austin residents and visitors alike. It conjures images of sweltering Texas summers spent cooling down in the gently flowing water. Green grass and tall trees come to mind. Barton Creek has rocks to climb, trails to conquer, paths to run, and nature to drink in.

It's more than just a pool of water, though. Barton Creek is also home to an extensive park belt that houses plenty of culturally significant areas.

What is Barton Creek anyway?

Barton Creek is a tributary off of the Colorado River that runs through the city. A tributary is a miniature river that flows from a larger river. The Colorado River runs southeast and Barton Creek flows southwest away from it. Because of its proximity to MoPac Expressway, it's easy to access from nearly anywhere in Austin.

What can I do at Barton Creek?

Barton Creek offers a wide variety of entertainment for visitors. You'll find unique restaurants, cafes, nature preserves, and event centers.

Restaurants & Bars

Fabi & Rossi Store Front

Source: Fabi & Rossi Yelp Page

Fabi & Rossi

This specialty European restaurant is just a jump to the north of Barton Creek. Before heading to the hiking trail, fill yourself with uncommon European foods such as escargot and real champagne. Because their offerings are so out of the ordinary, prices can jump fairly high. To open their cuisine to the whole of Austin, Fabi & Rossi hosts secret happy hours and provides unadvertised discounts. Pop in on the right day and you can enjoy their full European fare for a low, low price.

Magnolia Cafe

Magnolia Cafe provides a taste of home to Barton Creek visitors. Their hearty offerings include familiar dishes that lots of Austin residents grew up with. Magnolia also combines familiar dishes with European and Asian influences to create unprecedented flavors.

Uncle Billy's

It's a brewery and smokehouse infused with the spirit of Austin. You can find their silver-topped beer cans on store shelves, but it's hard to beat a draft beer straight from the brewery before a dip in Barton Creek. They also slow cook world-class barbecue, and you might sometimes find a line out the door. Floaters on Barton Creek can often be seen sipping Uncle Billy's beer as they soak in the sun.

Parks and Nature

Girl At Nature And Science Center

Source: Austin Nature and Science Center Yelp

Austin Nature and Science Center

Here you'll find tons of interactive sites where adults and children alike can learn about science in nature. The Science Center houses different kinds of Texas wildlife and provides in-depth facts about each animal. There's also beautiful art and interactive stations for kids to do hands-on learning.

Zilker Park

The park is home to some of the biggest events in Texas, including the Austin City Limits Music Festival. When it's not host to huge gatherings, the park is a wide open expanse of low grass perfect for outdoor activity. Runners traverse the park trails while pet owners go for long walks. People play volleyball, frisbee, and soccer while others enjoy a picnic. The park's locations next to both the creek and the Colorado River make it the perfect spot for relaxation in Austin.

Zilker Botanical Garden

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Zilker Park you'll find the Zilker Botanical Garden. It sports a prehistoric garden, a Japanese Koi and garden lily pond, and a huge assortment of flowers and plant life. If you're looking for a serene relaxation spot, the botanical garden is your quiet and gorgeous getaway.

Barton Springs Pool

For a small fee, you can enjoy one of the coolest pools in Austin. Barton Springs Pool is wildly popular among Austin residents. It also draws a big crowd of visitors. It's open for most of the year and provides a safe, simple way to cool off with plenty of room for plenty of people.

Don't forget to check out the nearby offerings of South Congress as well to fully enjoy the Town Lake experience!

I guess you can say that we live in a pretty "cool" town! If this wasn't enough convincing to look for a home in Austin, then look through the Pauly Presley Realty website for more great commentary on what our awesome city has to offer!

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