Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

Posted by Brad Pauly on Monday, March 31st, 2014 at 8:47am.

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Getting ready to sell your home can be an exciting, yet stressful, time. There are lots of things to consider in order to get top dollar for your home. A house that is clean, in good shape and updated sells faster and for more money than a similar home that has not been prepped.

How Much You Will Spend

One of the first things to think about is how much you are willing to invest in getting your home ready to sell. The improvements you are going to make rely heavily on how much you will spend. Determine your priorities based on the cost and the difference it will make in a prospective buyer's first impression. Stick with tasks that will give you the most bang for your buck. Large and costly projects often don't raise the asking price enough to make it worth the investment. You want to put in as little money as you can while increasing the appeal as much as possible.

Depersonalize and Detach

Detach yourself from the home by removing all personal items. This includes photos, collections and anything that has meaning only to you. Potential buyers need to envision themselves in the home, so it is vital you depersonalize by removing anything that makes them see you in the home. This will also help you feel more ready to let the home go.

Curb Appeal

Exterior staging is a big part of getting your home ready to sell. Prospective buyers will often drive by the house before setting up an appointment to see it. They may make their decision to proceed further based on the curb appeal of your home. This means cleaning the gutters, repainting, power washing and trimming bushes. Be sure to keep the lawn neatly cut and sidewalks clear. You may want to consider planting some colorful flowers and plants. Repainting the front door a bright color will make it attractive and modern.

Interior Staging

The idea behind interior staging is to make your home look appealing, well maintained, up to date and clean. The vast majority of home buyers are looking for a turn-key home, meaning they are able to start living in it comfortably without making repairs. Start with a deep clean of every room. Put away any clutter and make sure not to leave anything sitting out in plain view. To help with removing extra items, you may consider renting a storage unit to move non-essential items out of the home. The more stuff you can get out of the way, the more the potential buyer is able to visualize their belongings in the space.

Painting and Replacing Carpets

Two of the best things you can do to refresh your home is to paint the walls and replace the carpets. You may not want to invest this kind of money in a home you are selling. However, consider the return of 2-3 times the amount you spend. First impressions really do count, and painting and replacing the carpet makes your home look newer and maintenance-free.

Repair Anything That Needs It

You may have overlooked or learned to live with many small repairs over the years. Peeling paint, cracked driveways, loose doorknobs, missing cabinet handles, and loose tile are examples of quick fixes that are often overlooked by homeowners. To a potential buyer, these repairs can seem overwhelming when piled on top of each other. Take as much time as needed to ensure everything in your home is in proper working condition.

Organize Closets and Cupboards

Potential buyers want to open closets and cupboards to inspect the space and condition. Organizing them will make it seem like a bigger space and much more impressive. Line things up, organize your clothes by color and even alphabetize items such as spices.

Windows, Odors and Other Small Things

Make sure you wash windows and a regular basis. Look around for other small things you can polish to make your home shine. Wash faucet handles, clean ceiling fan blades and keep things dusted. You may want to consider hiring a bi-weekly cleaning service while your home is on the market. Get rid of any odors that may be lingering.

Blaze Every Bulb and Open the Curtains

When a potential buyer is on their way, turn on every light in the house and open all the curtains to take advantage of natural sunlight. Your home will seem bigger, brighter, more cheery and welcoming. There are a lot of things to think about when getting your home ready to sell. Make the money and time investment to ensure you present your home in the best possible light. You will get max dollars in your negotiations and it will pay off.

If you're looking for even more tips and tricks to get the most out of your home sale, contact us today! We'd love to help you achieve maximum return on your investment.

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