How to Get Free (or Cheap) Things For Your House

Posted by Brad Pauly on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 3:52pm.

weird austin thrift shopIf you've just purchased a new home in Austin, chances are you're not wanting to make any substantial investments any time soon. The biggest problem is that items like furniture or decorations don't come cheap. Either you're going to have to make some purchases or else you'll be sleeping on your floor for awhile.

That means you need to think smarter about buying. There are options around town which will do just fine in getting you the things your home needs. Instead of sitting on your hands about new items, sit on used furniture. It's much more comfortable!


It's the biggest online classifieds section, so of course there would be a free section. With new listings going up daily, there's never a shortage on free items being given away.

There are two catches: you'll need to get someone to haul larger items for you. People that are giving things away rarely offer to take the items to you. That's why you'll often see a disclaimer that says, “It's sitting on the curb.”

Additionally, be wary of potential offers. Always get photographic proof of the quality of the item. That way, you know your time and resources won't have been wasted for nothing.


If Craigslist isn't what you're looking for, try Instead of open listings like on Craigslist, you have to register with the website. You also have to register into a group in order to view and post listings.

Because there are two walls, the people that post their offers are a bit more serious. While you'll still need to make sure your item is good, you should be dealing with higher quality products.

3. Thrift Shops

This is a fabulous idea, especially around Austin. Thrift shops aren't a place where people discard their worst clothes anymore. Instead, thrift shops have turned around into trendy places where people find cool and exciting fashions at a fraction of the price.

Along with clothes, you can most definitely find furniture, pillows, blankets, and many other things at these places. The thrift store is a treasure trove of exciting products that are in need of a brand new home.

4. Apartments Around UT in May or August

If you're brand new to Austin and know nothing about the city, you need to know that this is a college town. Because of that, there are two mass exoduses each year. There are also a lot of things that can't be taken on students' journeys back home.

If you schedule your move during these times, you will most definitely find fantastic items to use in your home. There will be a million things that students can't take, but you most definitely can and should.

The caveat to this fantastic option is that most of these items will be simply placed on the curb or by trash receptacles. It may be necessary to go a bit out of your way in order to locate these gems but, once you do, your home will be all the richer for it.

And above all, welcome to Austin! The Pauly Presley Realty team is glad you're here!

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