Should I Hire a Real Estate Agent?

Posted by Brad Pauly on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 2:05pm.

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Yes, you should hire a real estate agent. Leave the hassle of saving money, dealing with legal issues, and consolidating closing costs in the hands of a professional. Real estate agents handle communications, organize and file paperwork, balance costs, and handle the details of your real estate transaction. Their job is to make the home buying process simple while saving you time and money.


Why Should I Hire a Real Estate Agent?

Your agent is only successful when his or her combined set of social and professional skills generate results. In general, a real estate agent must possess these skills:

  • Independence
  • Leadership
  • Market Expertise
  • Self-Motivation
  • Social Skills


New and veteran agents alike need to be able to prioritize work and organize their tasks independently. Juggling the responsibilities of buying a house is a time-consuming process that real estate agents have to perform for multiple clients at one time. Agents work alone as representatives for their clients without supervision from a superior. They must comply with all legal precedents regarding real estate while looking out for the best interests of their clients.


The duties of dealing in real estate encompass such a large scope that agents have to act as guides for their clients. As a homebuyer, you are paying for a service from your agent. You should have expectations as to how your agent should conduct him or herself. You also likely expect your agent to be able to immediately answer any questions or address any concerns you have about the home buying process. Real estate agents must constantly fill the role of a leader when working with a buyer. The element of trust in the relationship of a real estate agent and a client is one of the perks of putting your home purchase in the hands of an agent.

Market Expertise

Saving clients money is in the best interest of a successful real estate agent. Knowing the real estate market is an invaluable tool for keeping the price of house purchases fair while looking out for the best interests of both the buyer and seller. Agents spend their working hours inside the market, but savvy agents will spend extra time researching real estate to boost their power as real estate agents and attract more clients.


Staying motivated in the home buying process is hard enough for one homebuyer. Since agents act as buyers for multiple people at once, they have to stay focused and alert to continue their success. The independence of the real estate career means agents have to find ways to maintain their motivation to stay relevant and profitable. As a homebuyer, you benefit from an agent's self-motivation by reaping low-cost housing with minimal time investment.

Social Skills

Working with homebuyers, contractors, attorneys, and sellers every day requires superior social skills. Polite and courteous agents will find that they accomplish work that depends on others faster and easier. Those who take the time to get to know their sellers and clients will find that they pull more recommendations and trusting clients.


What kinds of agents are there?

There are 2 main focuses for real estate agents:

  1. Listing
  2. Selling

Listing agents are agents who deal almost exclusively with sellers. They take care of listing and advertising properties for those who are looking to sell their houses. Listing includes adding pictures and details about houses for sale in real estate publications and websites. They search for potential buyers and hand off the sale once preparations are complete. Selling agents are also known as buying agents. They take both names because they handle transactions from the initial introduction of a house into the real estate market to the final closing on the home. Homebuyers work together with selling agents to find their dream home. In turn, selling agents handle the large amount of communication and paperwork that entails buying a house.


What are the specific duties of real estate agents?

Each real estate transaction is unique. While there are absolutes that a real estate agent can expect over the course of helping a client buy a house, duties range depending on the seller's and buyer's circumstances. A real estate agent's main duties include:

  • Providing sellers with purchase offer information
  • Mediate during buyer and seller negotiations
  • Promote properties that are for sale using listing and advertising
  • Prepare necessary documents like purchase agreements, closing papers, leases, and deeds to purchased property
  • Answer questions about construction, financing, maintenance, repairs, and appraisals
  • Work with lenders, inspectors, and necessary parties to make sure that the conditions of the purchase are met before closing on a property
  • Coordinate closing on properties

However, real estate agents are subject to a host of other duties that relieve the burden of buying a house from the homebuyer. The entire home buying process can be done independently of a real estate agent. However, agents take only a small percentage of the total cost of your home as payment to greatly reduce the amount of work involved in the buying process. Save yourself some time and headaches by trusting the real estate agents at Pauly Presley Realty. We'll help you find the house that's right for you in Austin, TX and guide you through buying your home from beginning to end. Call today and meet our agents!

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