The 7 Most Stylish Austin Neighborhoods

Posted by Brad Pauly on Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 10:31am.


Austin grew by a phenomenal 2.9% between July 2013 and July 2014. Its closest competitor was the very worthy Denver, Colorado - at only 2.4% growth. While 2.9% growth doesn't sound very impressive, it means an increase of about 25,000 people for a city of 855,000. But where do all these folks live?

Among the ordinary homes and apartments, you'll find historical districts and burgeoning neighborhoods full of character. Unusual looking houses and strangely structured apartments highlight the mom and pop businesses with that personal touch that makes Austin shine.

You won't find these places just anywhere. You have to know where to look. Fortunately, we've made a list of some of 2015's most stylish neighborhoods for you to peruse.

North Austin Neighborhoods

North Austin is the region of Austin that lies north of the capitol building. There you'll find:

Terevista neighborhood photo

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North of Round Rock, far away from the bustle of the city, lies Teravista. It's the perfect place for people looking for peace and quiet. Teravista sports its own golf course and a bounty of nature in the newly settled northern reaches of Austin. Homes in the area are all fairly new but manage to attract residents without resorting to a prefabricated facade. The homes are custom built, American style houses with a stately appeal.

North Loop neighborhood photo

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North Loop

The name is actually the name of a street that runs parallel to Highway 183. It used to be cursed with incessant airplane noise before the airport was moved. Landowners saw new potential after the move and began building eclectic homes and apartments that appealed to the forward-thinking Austinite. Vintage-themed businesses are thriving, and new restaurants and small art studios that run down Lamar are helping drive land values up.

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Hyde Park

It's far enough away from the University of Texas campus to avoid the hustle. It's also close enough to Guadalupe Street's ever-changing cultural fare to merit a home. Hyde Park is a classic favorite that combines rural living with a taste of the city nightlife. It's full of historical houses that fit a lot of character into a small frame. It's tough to get a home or apartment here, but once you do, you won't want to leave.

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Just west of Hyde Park is a neighborhood with a long past. You'll notice more nature than you will neighborhood. That's because the plants and trees in Rosedale have had a long time to grow to their full potential. Residents often take advantage with artful gardens and tall, busy, well-manicured trees. There are also some houses with unusual charm. They sport bright colors and interesting architecture.

Downtown Neighborhoods

The downtown district is considered to be the area between the Capitol building and Town Lake. Among these places is:

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Rainey Street

It's a place with a bittersweet story. Rainey Street is one of Austin's oldest neighborhoods, and the homeowners that lived there took great pride in the history they represented. However, surrounding land values rose too high and the residents were either forced or bought out. To commemorate the street's history, most of the houses have been restored and turned into hip new bars. New housing is just starting to pop up on the outskirts of the bar district. The time to strike is now - prices will only be going up for living quarters.

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Old West

It's called Old West for a reason. The neighborhood is situated close to Town Lake west of the Capitol building. It, too, carries a tradition of housing and residents that dates back to the earliest days of Austin. While it began as an average settlement in the early 1900s, it's now a home for Austin's more affluent but eccentric residents. Local businesses thrive here thanks to support from Old West residents who support the "Keep Austin Weird" movement

South Austin Neighborhoods

South Austin constitutes the places south of Town Lake. It's here that you'll see:

Travis Heights neighborhood photo

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Travis Heights

Here's a neighborhood right in the cultural center. It's a cool combination of towering houses with unique architecture and an enviable location. South Congress, it's main traffic hub, has a collection of some of Austin's most groovy shops and restaurants. The houses in Travis Heights are something to behold. Multi-storied houses with interesting designs will keep you enthralled, and even the smallest offerings are different than anything you've seen before.

Because of the affordability of the land and housing, south Austin has grown by leaps and bounds, but it's still developing its own culture. More interesting restaurants and bars are springing up all the time. As the city continues to grow, it's likely that the south will soon have many more interesting places to live.

Until then, you can spend plenty of time exploring Austin's most stylish neighborhoods - one of which could one day be your home! If you decide to find your home in Austin, Pauly Presley Realty would love to be your partner in the search!



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