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Austin is a fantastic place to achieve higher learning. From our outstanding academic institutions to terrific weather for outdoor entertainment, it's no surprise that students flock here and the graduates stay. Austin has it all!

Let’s explore some top Austin colleges and show you all the features that make Austin an amazing place to live. With a booming job market, a relatively low cost of living, and endless choices in off-campus housing, it's no surprise that Austin area students often make their homes and begin their families here too. 

As always, if you've got questions about a specific neighborhood or an Austin real estate listing feel free to reach out to the real estate experts at Pauly Presley Realty right now. 

The Top Austin Schools

If you're looking to attend college in Austin, check out these three top schools first:

  • UT - The University of Texas at Austin is a public research university and the flagship institution of the University of Texas System. Founded in 1883, its campus is approximately one mile from the Texas State Capitol. If you're hoping to graduate into a medical, pharmaceutical or research career, UT is an outstanding choice. 

  • St. Edwards is Austin's premier private Catholic school, but you don't need to be Catholic to attend. This institution focuses on a closer relationship between students and staff and boasts a significantly smaller ratio of students to faculty, like 15:1. If you're looking for a career in fundraising, non-profit management, government or community building, this nationally recognized Holy Cross school would be a great choice. 

  • Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas has a reputation for groundbreaking curricula for both graduate and undergraduate studies, with plenty of opportunities for fellowships and scholarships. It offers more than two-dozen undergrad majors, certification programs, and confers bachelor's degrees in arts, music and the like. 

Our top three schools are only the tip of the educational iceberg! There are plenty more universities in the surrounding areas, check out this list of four-year colleges near Austin to see more. 

Why Austin is a Great Place to Live - During College and After Graduation

The city of Austin has a young, hip, yet well-educated vibe glazing over a funky Texas-cowboy-meets-urban-tech-center feel. It's got culture and a locally beloved weirdness, unlike any traditional college town! 

On a single street, you'll see start-ups, old Austinites of yesteryear, bearded hipsters vaping, health food, yoga studios and plenty of cowboy boots. It's certainly an exciting time to be here.

  • "Keep Austin Weird" bumper stickers have cropped up all around the city, in support of local businesses and Austin's unique cultural melt.

Austin is growing rapidly, and the opportunities for off-campus living abound. If you haven't been here for a while, know that some parts of town look entirely different as apartment complexes, condos, and tech centers spring up. Don't make the mistake of counting on your memory of Austin from a few years ago when choosing a good neighborhood to live in! Talk to a local, licensed real estate agent first.

If you need help finding the right neighborhood or the perfect off-campus housing the staff at Pauly Presley Realty would love to help. No one knows their way around town like a local. We know the best schools, the hottest areas for industry, the most adventurous social scenes, and the quietest neighborhoods in town.

The Job Outlook for Everyone in Austin is Outstanding - Not Just College Grads

According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, local job growth has been strong in many fields, particularly tech. Austin added 26,100 jobs and became the twelfth fastest-growing city in the US. Professional business services (like banking and insurance) saw healthy growth, but other sectors like wholesale trade were bustling too. Unemployment in Austin is at a historic low.

To put it another way, there's a job for everyone in Austin!

Beyond graduate jobs, Austin is also home to many apprenticeship opportunities and internships for working students. Technology and media companies, in particular, provide interning opportunities every year for that valuable on-the-job training and hands-on experience students crave.

People Come for Education and Jobs - They Stay for the Culture and Social Scene

We think this LostinAustin article says it best: "the seven blocks of 6th Street between Congress and IH 35 are certainly Austin's entertainment center. With a little help from its many like-minded sister streets, 6th Street is the heart of Austin's live entertainment scene and the capital of third coast music."

Sixth Street is lined with historical homes from the late 1800s and early 1900s. These historic buildings are now home to live entertainment venues, art galleries, casual cafes and upscale dining.

  • Live music of every genre abounds! Austin residents and visitors enjoy the sounds of blues, jazz, and country to rock, hip-hop, progressive, metal, punk and every other genre stemming from these. There's something for everyone.

Great food is a staple on Sixth Street, featuring such regional favorites like surf and turf, ribs, and Tex-Mex styles.

Looking For Off-Campus Housing Near Austin Colleges? 

There are many benefits to living near campus (but not on it). By staying near the school, students avoid lengthy commuting times and fuel investments, which frees up both time and money. Life in a quiet rental neighborhood is less distracting than on-campus living, and in some cases more affordable.

When it comes to your choice in student housing and apartments, there are endless options. You can count on the team at Pauly Presley Realty to help you find the right apartment for students, whether your focus is luxury, affordability, or a convenient walk to campus. 

If you're looking for outstanding rental properties for yourself or your students, Pauly Presley Realty is ready to help. We have the online resources you need. Check out our listings like Austin houses for rent and our apartment finder. They're free! Reach out to us today at 512-580-8284 to start the conversation and discover Austin.

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