This is THE Best Way to Find Homes For Sale

Posted by Brad Pauly on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at 9:11am.

historic homes in austinThere are so many ways that people look for a home. Whether it's through the internet or asking a friend or some other thing, we live in an age where a million different options exist in order to provide the consumer with the exact kind of option that they are looking for. However, in this age of wonders, there is only one option that stands head and shoulders above the rest. One thing that will help you find those homes for sale.

Ask a realtor.

We sincerely and honestly believe that the best resource for a person or family to find new homes for sale is to talk with a realtor. It's the same way someone would talk to a doctor about a medical procedure or a mechanic about an automotive procedure. You would talk to a realtor for a real estate procedure. In this case, a real estate procedure involves homes for sale.

The reasons that realtors are heads and shoulders above the rest are numerous, but we've boiled down the reasons to these three simple things.

1. Realtors Know What Homes for Sale Ought to Be

As fantastic as the internet is, certain listings creep into searches that can be wastes of time. You might be looking for a house in South Austin and suddenly get thrown a result that's an hour and a half away from where you want to be looking.

Compare this to a realtor that you've formed a working relationship with. Yes, we're going to try and push the best house for you, but that's for a reason: we want you to have the best house. If a doctor suggested you get the second best surgery just because it was cheaper, would you do it? More than likely not. In a similar vein, a home is a long term investment. Do you really want a realtor that would be willing to sell you something that's not what you asked for, but close enough? A realtor works hard to make sure the homes for sale that you are looking at match what you want. Hopefully, we'll give you something better than what you were looking for. That's really how it should always be.

2. We Know The Neighborhoods Inside and Out

A realtor visits so many homes, they could walk through all of them blindfolded and still be able to not run into anything. Real estate is our life, which means its our job to be as familiar with not just the homes for sale, but the neighborhood your home resides in. We'll be able to tell you the general vibe of what the neighborhood is like and give you an accurate feel for what you'll be moving into. We make sure everything fits you and your family.

3. We Know What Your Home Buying Process is Like. We've Done It, Too.

This may come as a surprise, but our realtors are all human beings. We have families, mortgages, car payments, and all of that great stuff just like you. That means that we've probably bought an Austin home and we've been exactly where you've been. We also run through the process of selling homes every day. Since we've been on both sides of the table, we know intimately the feelings and the motions you've gone through in order to get to our offices. Because of that, we don't want to cause any unnecessary stress or discomfort in your search for homes for sale in Austin. We care about how you feel. If you don't feel good about what's going on, tell us. We want to make sure your day is going smoothly because, at the end of the day, if you're not happy, you're an unhappy customer. That's not good business on our part.

At Pauly Presley Realty, we strive to excel at finding the right homes for sale. We know that there are so many other sites, services, and realty agents that you could have gone to, but you let us help you instead. For us, that's a gift. We're able to be a part of the experience of starting a new part of your life. What a privilege it is for us to be there. It's a tremendous responsibility, so we don't want to mess it up at all. We want to provide the warm, human touch that can be missing in an age where our phone screens provide so much of the information we look for. We want to help take care of you and your family and put you on your way not just to a house, but a real home Austin.

After all, we're realtors.

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